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Thought for the Day

Dear Readers,

I am sharing a thought I read in a story written by Alexander McCall Smith called Emma. “ …it has been the summer during which moral insight came to her – something that may happen to all of us, if it happens at all, at very different stages in our lives. This had happened because she had been able to make that sudden imaginative leap that lies at the heart of our moral lives: the ability to see, even for a brief moment, the world as it is seen by the other person. It is this understanding that lies behind all kindness to others, all attempts to ameliorate the situation of those who suffer, all those acts of charity by which we make our lives something more than the pursuit of the goals of the unruly ego.”


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NHDD – Lesson from the past, looking to the future

NHDD takes place annually, the week of April 16. GMOL and its partners celebrate NHDD with communities throughout Alameda County. In 2017, we celebrated “Decision Day” at community cafés located in three different cities within Alameda County. “Come and get yourself a free coffee” while being able to engage in a “conversation” about health care choices and complete an advance directive!

What you can do at the event:

  1. Meet new people, get to know one another and share your stories/thoughts as much or less as you wish;
  2. Play the fun Heart to Heart game/the Go Wish card game and acknowledge/prioritize your wants and needs;
  3. Learn about advance care planning from professionals who can answer your questions;
  4. Complete an Advance Directive to document the care you wish to get.

We had fun. A wide ethnic mix of attendees including Asian, Pilipino, Hispanic, African American, and white with a median age of 41 participated in NHDD this year at  Suju’s Café and Tea in Fremont, at the Eon Coffee Shop in Hayward and at the 1951 Café in Berkeley.  Altogether, 18 People completed their Advance Directives (AD), and Comfort Homesake distributed the wallet card to those who completed their AD.


Front Of Card                                                                             Back Of Card

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