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Dear Readers,

I am sharing a thought I read in a story written by Alexander McCall Smith called Emma. “ …it has been the summer during which moral insight came to her – something that may happen to all of us, if it happens at all, at very different stages in our lives. This had happened because she had been able to make that sudden imaginative leap that lies at the heart of our moral lives: the ability to see, even for a brief moment, the world as it is seen by the other person. It is this understanding that lies behind all kindness to others, all attempts to ameliorate the situation of those who suffer, all those acts of charity by which we make our lives something more than the pursuit of the goals of the unruly ego.”


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National Health Care Decision Day 2016

2016 Results

Signed in 158
Completed Eval Forms 66

Nothing but fun in the sun, great food, and family time at this years event.

Everyone came out to join the CONVERSATION

Oakland’s very own diverse crowd came out to join the conversation.

Folks from a few weeks old to over 80…

The children were at the center and keeping busy with play while adults played games and consulted with healthcare professionals about quality of life issues and learned about treatment/care/financial options. It was really a nice community-building event. Thanks to all who attended and whether you attended or not…hope to see you next year!

The sentiment is all that we hoped for in creating community space in which to  talk about our lives, our health, our wishes.  Here are the numbers:

We had 158 people sign in with 66 people completing the evaluation forms. In addition, we had 25 people as  volunteers and or vendors attend.   There were 4 advance directives completed with our notary and 1 completed with two witnesses. During registration we asked everyone if they had an advance directive. Participants got raffle tickets if they completed the NHDD Event evaluation form.  We will have the results of that data collection next month.

Thank you for joining us!!

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